In the Upledger model, we have a protocol for ‘newborn evaluation’ This is a modification of the evaluation procedures that we do for adults, with the freshness and delicacy of a new human being taken into account. With the many twists and turns (literally) that a baby takes on the journey into this world, even the most robust of babies find it useful to have the acknowledgement of a skilled CranioSacral Therapist ‘listen’ to the story of their journey. This is what a newborn evaluation accomplishes, and even an older child finds this procedure valuable.

For babies and children born in more challenging circumstances, including those diagnosed with cerebral palsy or autism, the CST work can be a powerful adjunct to their healing process. We have found that the earlier on this process can be applied, the quicker in general development gains can be achieved. With the proper mix of pediatric modalities, CST can make a difference in getting a child on the road to full functionality

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