Clinical Applications

This is a new class being added to the BodyEnergy and Upledger list of resources that I am now teaching in the Midwest, which is the only location where this application class is being offered in the region. An excellent resource for individualized coaching which dramatically increases skills, and helps in the preparation for both techniques and diplomate level certification.

Clinical Application of CST & SomatoEmotional Release Course Description
CASR is a practium developed by Lisa Upledger, DC to help SomatoEmotional Release trained practitioners sharpen their CST and SER skills. Classes are limited to just five participants, and are held in an information clinical setting in Fairfield Iowa.

Course Highlights:

-Hone your expertise in blending with clients by learning to better understand and read their body needs

-Fine tune your palpatory skills

-Review the SER process , including locating and releasing energy cysts

-Learn more about the integration of therapeutic imagery and dialogue

-Delve deeper into vector/axis integration and alignment, meridians and chakras

-Participate in in-depth group discussions

Prerequisite: SER1

Required Advanced Reading: None

CASR June 20-24, 2016 Fairfield, Iowa
Teacher: Michael Morgan LMT, CST-D

Go to the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators website to register and to learn how to prepare for your day.