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BodyEnergy Company is now offering Michael’s new book and DVD:

A new book by Michael Morgan LMT, CST-D entitled The BodyEnergy Longevity Prescription-Alzheimer’s, Dementia, CranioSacral Therapy and Your Quality of Life.  This is an overview of how CranioSacral Therapy can assist in arresting and even reversing this disease process, and gives the background into how inflammatory processes in the body can be addressed through CST.  Additionally, this book explores how wellness in seniors can be maintained, and looks at a new paradigm in healthcare to support our senior population.

Price: $17.95

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A companion DVD to the book entitled Transforming your Health, the Nation, and the Senior Healthcare System. In this 60 minute video, we look at what experts in CST, functional medicine, epigenetics, Alzheimer’s and senior care have to say about the immune system, inflammatory processes, aging, nutrition, reversal of trauma and alternative treatments and modalities that can make a difference.

Price: $19.95

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Please note, to get both the book and DVD, you must order from the 2 separate links above, as my publisher is able to distribute both products but has separate departments for each one.

I’ve just completed a one hour interview with local radio host Monica Hadley on her show Writer’s Voices. I discuss the origin of the new book and the developments that led to the creation of my 60 minute documentary. Here’s the link: The archive should show a picture of my book and be entitled Writer’s Voices – 20141031-Micheal Morgan. Press play to enjoy!