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Sleeping Pill Exit Strategy

The term comes from a recent CNN piece on women and health. Here are some statistics: 80 million Americans suffer from some form of insomnia or sleeplessness. 60% of American women suffer from some form of sleeplessness, which would suggest this first 80 million figure might be a bit low. The CNN contributors seemed to […]

Summary of our Alzheimer’s and Dementia Reseach

I’d had a number of requests for a summary of our Alzheimer’s and Dementia, which I’ve outlined below: Summary of our research Published in the Journal of Gerontological Nursing in 2008 Title of the Study: Craniosacral Still Point Technique: Exploring its Effects in Individuals with Dementia Study Design A pilot group of individuals with moderate […]

How to Stay Young Part 2

Last week we talked about 7 ways to stay young. Click here to read those ways. Here are more resources to assist in the ‘reversal of the aging process’. 8. Omega 3-6-9 oil Omega 3-6-9 oil has been long recognized as a valuable nutritional supplement. Contact Janice Webber at or JoAnn Cuddigan at […]